Asos White x Liquor N Poker Jeans

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

If you recognize that this is the first time, in my long history of blogging, that I’m featuring jeans on the blog, kudos to you.

One of the first statements I make about my style is that “I am not a jeans girl”. In retrospect, that statement originated from my perception of the role jeans typically play in other people’s wardrobe. Jeans seem to be a default item and a wardrobe basic for a lot of people, an almost thoughtless choice. That has never been the case for me; it is not the first item I’m reaching for on a casual summer day or dressing up for a night out nor my closet essential for colder months. Hence, I declared and embraced not being a jeans girl.

All that was until a few months ago when I shot my first jeans look featured on my Instagram page. During the shoot, I realized that the pair of jeans I wore was showing signs of wear. That prompted a closer examination into my proclaimed relationship with jeans and I quickly discovered that the statement “I’m not a jeans girl” is not entirely true.

I certainly wear enough jeans to refute my claim, just not the way most typically do. I don’t “throw” on a pair of jeans, I wear them deliberately and in very specific styles. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t find jeans very comfortable so I usually opt for the the Boyfriend Style- loose, slightly baggy but not overwhelming. At slightly over 5”1, it is imperative that the length of my jeans hit at the right place. I also prefer lots of pockets and details on my jeans.

In this look, similar to the jeans look on my Instagram page, I have styled my jeans with an Asos White shirt. Asos White is slowly becoming my favorite sub-brand. Though its featured items cost more than the regular Asos collection, the quality and style options certainly make up the difference. For both looks, I deliberately opted for jeans to balance out the drama and details of the Asos White shirts.

If you’ll take jeans recommendations from a former “not a jeans girl” turned “not a traditional jeans girl”, here are a few lust-worthy pairs on the market:

Thank you so much for reading. As always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Photography by Lester Platt Productions.

Sweater: Asos. Jeans: Asos. Shoes: Shoedazzle. Purse: TJ Maxx. Sunglasses: Asos.

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