Moody Florals

In honor of the recently released Erdem x H&M collection.

that I don’t own. that I didn’t try hard enough to buy.

The universal fashion godmother, Miranda Priestly, declared florals for spring as groundbreaking. For fall/winter, I say unprecedented!

Florals for spring and summer is as literal as it can get- florals for when we have flowers. It is for this reason that they have become one of the classic signifiers of the warmer seasons. They are also one of the pieces we say goodbye to at the first sign of leaves turning colors.

In comes F/W 2017, demanding some pretty foliage as well; answers: Moody Florals.

Moody Florals are not your typical spring/summer florals. As the name suggests, they are vivid, dark, graphic and enthralling. describes them as our “fresh, springy bouquet turned darker”. They are what I imagine fashionable members of the Volturi would wear.

Moody Florals also known as Winter Florals have displayed an impressive range. They’ve appeared in all shapes and sizes, color and placements, pieces and material. From a literal, wallpaper-like motif crafted into classic silhouettes by Gucci, to being elevated into artsy-looking statement coats by Prada, and even daring, show-stopping dresses by Prabal Gurung, one thing is certain- the runway can’t get enough of winter florals.

It, therefore, came as no surprise that H&M chose Erdem for this year’s designer collaboration. Erdem with his hint of avant-garde and ingenious use of bold colors, prints and embellishment was undoubtedly the right choice for an unprecedented, floral-obsessed F/W17. The highly anticipated collection which was released last week delivered on expected greatness: structured yet delicate, dark yet airy, over the top yet wearable.

The collection which sold out in record time featured a wide variety of pieces ranging from outerwear to shirts, bottoms, shoes and even accessories. It was a delightful medley of ruffles, tweeds, animal prints and lots of florals- dark and moody florals. My favorite was the floral suit paired with the ruffle neck top or maybe the floral embellished dress.

 I’d like to hear your thoughts on the collection in the comment section. Were you guys and gals lucky enough to get anything? Did they live up to your expectations?

All that being said, my favorite thing about moody florals is their accessibility; everyone has a version of this trend. So, if you missed out on Erdem x H&M, there are still lots of fabulous options readily available within any price range.

For those still on the fence and seem to be overwhelmed by all this talk of “richness, darkness, boldness”, I’d suggest mixing the florals with other prints or textures you’re more comfortable with. Two tested pairings are with lace and as pictured here, stripes.

Thank you so much for reading. As always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Photography by Lester Platt Productions.

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